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Support us

Culture Caleidoscoop is an initiative from the Culture Shift foundation. It is developed by, with, and for the sector. By offering financial and in-kind contributions, you are helping to make this new, inclusive publishing project a reality! We work with individuals and organisations who are committed to realising the project and who share our values. 

Producing and managing the platform, being open access, offering writers grants and compensation for peer reviewers, and offering translation all costs money, and we need financial support to make this possible.
Are you an individual enthusiastic about what we are doing? Please consider supporting us through a small monthly or yearly financial contribution via our Patreon. We are very grateful to all our Patreon supporters for their continued support.
Are you an organisation interested in a financial partnership?
We are grateful for the financial support we already receive from the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and the Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam University of the Arts.

We are looking for more organisations who would like to support us financially so that we can grow and sustain the platform for years to come. Please get in touch and we can schedule a meeting to discuss this further.
Not in a position to financially contribute?
There are many ways you can still support us!